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hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
10 June 2020 @ 11:28 pm

beautiful fo banner by the lovely thechosenone47

comment to be added :D?
it'd be good if we share some interests.
or if i know you from somewhere.
but regardless, let's be friends :D

if you were linked here from my old fics, my new(ish) writing journal is at forwardlove  ^_^b
and click here for something cool o: it's not a virus or some lame meme thing i swear.
hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
09 August 2010 @ 02:42 pm
little broke girl trying her chances lol, that's all.

Whoohoo! I have a chance to win this cd!

Would you also like to try to win this cd?
Check out this post @ kpop_groups
hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
09 July 2010 @ 12:58 pm
soooo i haven't posted in like a month and a half? idk haha. but basically stuff happened, i didn't feel like posting... yeah. idk. my grandpa died and i didn't want to post. that's all.

and like, shinee's concept pictures. minho's is a big YES I WANT THAT, but um taemin's. i expected something slightly girly because of the beanie-flies-off event but like ._. girl taemin, do not know if want.

so yes basically i am super scared for key's. he might go skinhead, which will be freakish, because he is the only one i can handle actually being girly since he actually acts like it, or he can be all girly and i'll still be freaked out by it. lol.

onew's tomorrow. i really hope they don't do something totally drastic to him ;_; first because i could probably handle it if it was kibum, and minho's already one of the two, and second because i have this soft spot for leadersshi (never thought i'd use yunhobear's nickname for dubu ;_; )

and yes comeback is postponed. i was all "RAWR NO" earlier in the morning because that's what i've been looking forward to for the past fricking forever, but thinking of minho in pain and sulking because he can't even walk around the dorm is making me so guilty for even getting mad. lol. and yeah, i love dream team, but i think they should take minho off the show for at least a while. because he's been having bad calves ever since the high jump competition, and that was fricking strenuous. and every time he does something and then has to sit out halfway i feel all sad and annoyed and frustrated at the same time.

and if he drops out of dream team for a while we can stop recording it and save space, lmao.

yeah i think... that's all i wanted to say. hi and bye, everyone.
hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
25 January 2010 @ 08:33 pm
as expected today was fun like a fun thing ^o^
major tl;dr but if you like outings then clickCollapse )

i think today was a good day.
hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
01 January 2010 @ 09:26 am
it's 2010, finally. woke up at 7am with food poisoning, but i won't let that get me down for the new year. (i think.) 2009 was a let-down (not to mention pulled an all nighter on new year's eve 2008 because i was sick as well, this must be a trend), i'm hoping 2010 will make up for it by being awesome.

i have no new year resolutions except to grow taller and learn how to sing, lol. and compose a song.

hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
26 December 2009 @ 12:25 pm





hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
25 December 2009 @ 11:37 am

i haven't been posting |: but anyway, have a great christmas everybody ♥
hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
20 November 2009 @ 04:53 pm

pictures in a few.
hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
03 November 2009 @ 07:19 pm
dear singaporeans, "pervertic" is not a word.
hello seattle, i am a dinosaur
02 October 2009 @ 09:27 pm
today (well, part of) jjang threw me a surprise party. pictures under the cut. i love you guys!

happy birthday to meeeeeeeCollapse )

unrelatedly, michael's classmate really is lee minho's cousin. he is getting me an autograph for my birthday and I AM UNREASONABLY EXCITED LOLOLOL.